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ClipMagic Version History

What's New in ClipMagic 4.1

Added: Hotkeys tab to Tools/Options to allow Next/Prev hotkeys to be disabled/modified.

Added: Ability to add a hot key to open the main ClipMagic window.

Added: Ability to resize PastePicker window.

Added: Clip type icons added to PastePicker.

What's New in ClipMagic 4.0.14

Fixed: Pack Database could cause items to go out of sync.

What's New in ClipMagic 4.0.13

Added: Option to Pack Database in Tools Menu.

Fixed: Category AutoPurge leaving orphan data.

What's New in ClipMagic 4.0.11

Fixed: Empty Trash sometimes leaving orphan clips and causing old clips to be incorrectly retrieved later.

Fixed: Print toolbar buttons invoking Print dialog twice.

What's New in ClipMagic 4.0.09

Fixed: PastePicker always showing 10 items and ignoring setting in Options.

Fixed: Clicking links in clip list always opens them in external browser despite setting in Options.

Fixed: Reformat Clip causes error unable to create bak.tmp.

Fixed: Print toolbar buttons doing nothing - not invoking File/Print.

Fixed: File/Save can cause the recently copied clip to disappear.

Fixed: Delete Web History / Email History not persisting after restart.

What's New in ClipMagic 4.0.08

Fixed: Some applications causing clipboard updates after pasting would cause duplicates.

What's New in ClipMagic 4.0.06

Fixed: Screen Capture failing on Vista/Win7.

Fixed: A full version activation issue.

What's New in ClipMagic 4.0.05

Fixed: Issue with some regional date formats causing error message.

Fixed: Drop Files not showing correct icon in clip list.

Fixed: Hints not showing for toolbar buttons.

What's New in ClipMagic 4.0.03

Fixed: Ignore Drop Files Option not sticking

Fixed: Clips from PastePicker sometimes being copied back into ClipMagic again!

Fixed: Out of bounds error selecting a clip from search results

What's New in ClipMagic 4.0

Change: New, competely re-engineered, more robust data storage system using SQLite.

Change: New Perl PCRE RegEx engine.

Added: Unicode support.

Added: New spell checker with "live" spelling

Added: Full Vista/Win7 Support

Added: Uses more reliable Vista/Win7 clipboard monitoring method

Various small fixes.

What's New in ClipMagic 3.2.5 Update

Fixed: The underscore character (CTRL+-) could sometimes be blocked

What's New in ClipMagic 3.2.4 Update

Fixed about box causing program hang in Vista

Fixed Excel causing "Cannot Empty Clipboard" error when dragging cells

Minor UI fixes for Vista.

What's New in ClipMagic 3.2 Update

Minor fixes.

What's New in ClipMagic 3.11 Update

Fixed problem that occured when default category missing. Now recreates default category if one missing.

What's New in ClipMagic 3.1

Added multiple string replacement rules to Rules & Filters.

Added Regular Expressions support to string replacement rules.

Added Clip Type filter to Rules & Filters.

Added Print Preview option.

Added Page Setup option.

RTF Clips now display RTF in type column (as opposed to Text).

Improved printing of images. Scaled to fit page where necessary.

Improved ALT-UP, ALT-DOWN hotkeys. ALT-UP copies current clip in category then moves to next clip. ALT-DOWN copies current clip in category then moves to previous clip.

Fixed issue with database backup to prevent corrupt database being backed up.

What's New in ClipMagic 3.02.03 Update

Ensured default categories can't be deleted without first making another category the default, and check for missing default category on startup.

What's New in ClipMagic 3.02.01 Update

Fixed Windows Shutdown issue in Windows 95/98/Me.

Fixed issue copying from Mozilla.

What's New in ClipMagic 3.02 Update

View clips as HTML.

Screen Capture options - capture full screen or part of screen.

Case conversion options.

What's New in ClipMagic 3.01 Update

ClipMagic Data Directory now defaults to user's Application Data directory.

Email and Web history data now stored in Data Directory.

What's New in ClipMagic 3.0

The most recent major release of our Windows clipboard software includes a variety of useful new functions:

Hierarchical Categories. Categories can now have sub-categories and are shown in a tree view.

Category Level Purge Options. Highlight a category and select Category Properties and you can set how to automatically purge items from the category.

More options in rules. A rule can also do substring replacements and automatically paste into a specified window. This means that just a copy is required to paste into your chosen window if the rule matches.

PastePicker. In Options set a paste hot key such as CTRL-V and then when you click this you get a list of clips and you can select which one to paste. The list should appear at the caret position. This has been tested with many popular applications.

Improved HTML/Web Browser support. Now works with ALL IE based web browsers (e.g. Netcaptor, MyIE, Research-Desk, etc) AND Opera. Also if HTML is detected on the clipboard it puts the HTML snippet into Notes.

Append New Clips. With this selected each new clip is appended to the last. So rather than a list of clips you end up with one containing all the clips.

Search Clips now lets you search Notes as well as clips.

Added Find/Replace within clip. So you can now search clips, search within current clip and replace within current clip.

Added spell checker (works if MS Office is installed).

Added Backup Database and automatic backup options.

Added Drop File support. Drop Files are files copied to the clipboard. So now when you copy from Explorer for example the path and name of the file appears as a clip in ClipMagic of type Drop File. If you edit the clip and the result is a valid file the type remains as Drop File. If the result is not a valid file it converts to a plain text clip.

Viewing Images: Images can be scrollable, stretched or scaled. Set under options.

Colour of URLs can be changed in the clip list.

Added left, center and right align options to editor.

Added manual filter option to tools menu - so you can filter clips that are already stored (applies only to the category movements).

Can disable splash screen.

Fixed a few bugs.

What's New in ClipMagic 2.0

New Features

Internal Web Browser (only available if IE4 or higher installed)

Launch Clips in external or internal browser

Editor tool bar

Full Pane mode

Recognise and act on internet links in detail list and clip text

Added MagicPaste facility for quickly pasting copied items

Hot Keys (ALT_UP/ALT_DOWN) to copy next/previous clips to clipboard

Merge Clips to New Clip

Merge Clips to File

Export detail list to file (CSV, TXT, HTML)

Facility to import data from ClipMate

Send Clips by email

Memory Management Options

Choose between launching clips in internal or external browser

Added splash screen

System info on About box

Credits on About box

Added welcome clip (ClipMagic Overview) - added on first run

Added tutorial to help file

Save images as JPEGs as well as Bitmaps

Added support for more image types

"Move To" tray menu for quickly moving last copied clip to chosen category

Added tray menu option for quickly changing default category

Added 'Paste straight into active application' to hot key options in properties


Improved memory management

Check if data directory exists on startup, warn if not

Rename category with trailing space problem fixed

Fixed protected RTF text problem causing duplicate text entries

Stopped flicker on startup when starting minimized

Improved speed of loading category detail

Improved speed of loading clip

Avoid drag and drop until item loaded

Fixed problem with reformat button

Fixed problem with showing first item in copy clip menu

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