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Version 4.0

Copyright © 1998-2010 by MJT Net Ltd

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ClipMagic is an information manager and clipboard extender.  By capturing items copied to the clipboard, pieces of information can be stored in categories with information about the application it came from and if it came from the web, the URL of the website.  'Clips' can then be saved, edited, copied and printed, and the URL of any web clips can be launched in your browser, or the internal ClipMagic browser, to get back to the original page.  Just pressing CTRL-C, or selecting Edit/Copy in any application is all that you have to do.  The selected text, files or image is stored in ClipMagic for later use.  Stored clips can be copied back to the clipboard and the latest clips can be accessed easily from the system tray.  Rules provide automatic categorisation, so that you can have clips containing keywords or coming from specific applications or websites saved straight into the folder of your choice.  You can even tell ClipMagic to ignore certain clips, paste them into a specific window, find and replace text within the clip or to ask for comments about a clip at the time it is copied.  You can add your comments to clips at any time, and text and file clips can be modified from within ClipMagic.


Getting Started

ClipMagic Tutorial


Please visit the special ClipMagic website to purchase your copy, or for information about this product, including new versions and new product announcements.  You will also find a feedback form for your comments, suggestions and support.




ClipMagic is free for non-commercial use.  That is, you may use ClipMagic if you do not get paid, directly or indirectly, for the work you do while using ClipMagic.


A commercial-use license costs only $35 per user.  To purchase a commercial-use license please go here: