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"Your product is under-priced! Seriously. I spend a lot of time searching and quoting news clips. Now I'm working so much faster and with so much greater organization, that I'm having trouble keeping up with myself. :) Please let me know if you ever offer a Professional version of this software. As it is, the program is worth much more than you're charging." Fred Bryan, January 2011

"ClipMagic is a software I don´t want to live without, Finding, editing and moving text is the majority of what I do. ClipMagic speeds me up by at least 50%. I use it many many times a day. The advantages of ClipMagic are huge - I show ClipMagic to everybody I deal with. Amigo, a big thanks for this great software." Elsa Garcia, Amigo Audio, January 2011

"I have used a variety of clip board enhancers over the years - none had all the facilities which I need. Fortunately, I recently came across ClipMagic 4.0, which soon became my preferred clip utility. As a newcomer, I was most impressed by the 'Help' file - it is clear, concise and comprehensive. The ability to quickly 'Magic Paste' any clip into the active application is indispensable. ClipMagic enables one to place individual clips in preferred 'Categories', which one can create at will, thus facilitating logical and ready access. Additionally, ClipMagic's facility for editing text clips and saving them, and graphic clips, to files in preferred folders is extremely useful. Likewise, is its ability to capture and save a screen image, or, if selected, a portion of the screen. With its web browser interfaces, ClipMagic facilitates the process of clipping text and images from web pages and remembering the clip's Internet address. Later one can return directly to the web page with one click. Overall, ClipMagic has a host of facilities which enable the user to easily perform a multitude of useful tasks. I have found it to be a practicable, comprehensive, versatile and logically organised clip board enhancer." Tony Stockwell, November 2010

"I have used ClipMagic now for three years and it is fantastic. It does everything it says it does and makes life so much easier." David Walker, October 2010

"I recently downloaded your trial version of ClipMagic, and I LOVE IT!!! I love that I can edit text data and HTML addresses from within ClipMagic; I love that I can scroll the screen to view all parts of an image; I love that I can file items to keep forever, and that I can delete used or unwanted items; and I love that I can assign a "capture" sound so I know it's working -- within some game programs, it sometimes takes a few seconds to capture a screen image, so the sound tells me when it's done. In contrast, although it works fine for text data, a competitor of yours only allows me to view the top left corner of images, doesn't allow me to edit, store, or delete items at all, and doesn't capture all items copied to the clipboard (especially images)." Deborah P, March 2005


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September 2003. More great awards:



at gives ClipMagic 5 out of 5 stars and says "ClipMagic is an advanced clipboard manager ... A powerful tool with unique features that can increase productivity with many day-to-day tasks and is especially useful for internet research projects.", August 2003

"ClipMagic is a clipboard utility that has gained an excellent reputation over the years for its power and versatility .... This is a mighty useful utility ..."

Australian Computer Trader, June 2003

"ClipMagic sets new standard for clipboard utilities ... MJT Net [have] created a clipboard extender on steroids... ClipMagic implements a number of clever ideas that expand the concept of a clipboard extender... I'm finding it a rich addition to my software portfolio."

Jobfind, June 2003

June 2003 - ClipMagic is awarded 4 out of 5 cows at Tucows. We think the reviewer must have been having a bad day to only give us 4 cows. Perhaps it wasn't for him. 'Horses for courses' as they say. Or perhaps that should be 'cows for courses' ... ?

Tucows, June 2003

ClipMagic gets the thumbs up from Jon C.A. DeKeles, Technical Director at ZDNet AnchorDesk. He features ClipMagic as a "Killer Download" in March 16th's edition.

ZDNet Anchordesk Read the story here, March 1999

We're so proud of this one. ClipMagic 2.0 gets 5 stars from ZDNet. This is their highest rating!! Read the review, March 1999 Hot File Award -
Hot File at

"Magical Manager - When the typical cut-and-paste job won't do, try ClipMagic, a virtual clipboard that organizes all your commonly used images and pieces of text"

CNET, August 1998

"CUT AND WASTE? A major shortcoming of the Windows Clipboard is that it can only store one item at a time, each new addition obliterating the last. With ClipMagic, you can greatly extend the Clipboard's capabilities and manage its contents with ease. The impressive information manager lets you capture text and images from the Internet or any application and store them automatically, along with details about the source of the clip, related URL, time of retrieval, and type of clip. Items can be edited, saved, printed, dragged, or copied back to the Clipboard; optional rules and filters let you automatically categorize or ignore incoming clips. There are numerous situations where ClipMagic can help you save time. For example, it makes light work of creating a database of images in any format for later viewing or transferring to your favorite image editor ... You'll believe in magic ..."

CNET Shareware Dispatch, 19th August 1998

"Capture & Categorise information from web sites and other sources with this neat Windows 95/NT clipboard utility."

5 Star Shareware , August 1999

"Replacements for the standard Windows Clipboard are a dime a dozen so finding a good one is critical. One of my favorites is ClipMagic because it not only extends the basic functionality of the regular clipboard but it also acts as a mini filing cabinet, allowing you to save your clippings for use at a later date."

Slaughterhouse Pick Of The Day Read the Review Here, 18th August 1998

"I have really been enjoying using your software. It is really handy, especially in keeping track of information off the Net."

Mike Savery, September 1998

"ClipMagic - Greatly extend the Clipboard's capabilities and manage its contents with ease."

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